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To everyone who supported us with donations during our CareLink Christmas campaign, we would like to say a heartfelt thank you.

We thought you would like to know what your kind donation means.

To us, your donations mean that we can fund volunteer hours for 10.5 months, supporting them to work alongside us doing vital work such as updating health and medication records or working with clients to find the right services to access. In that time we can provide thousands of amazing calls to find out how our clients are faring, being interested in their welfare, helping them with day-to-day concerns or health issues, and especially lifting them out of toxic isolation.

As for what your help means to the people on the receiving end of all those calls, we’ll let them speak for themselves.

“I look forward to my calls because sometimes I don’t see a soul all day. I don’t feel so cut off from everybody.” Joyce

“Thank you so much for ringing on Christmas Day; it’s made my day knowing someone cares. I didn’t think I’d get to speak to anyone today!” Mary

“Your service is a lifeline to people like me. I can close my front door and not open it again for five days.” Andrew

We thank you for your continued support during 2017, and for helping us to make 2018 a much less lonely place to be for older people all across the city.


Every blessing, Lloyd Cooke.


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