Between them, our team has a vast knowledge and experience base including past work in prisons, victim support, Health and Safety, substance and alcohol misuse, mental health,  maintenance, domestic support, re-settlement and housing and life skills. The team are dedicated and passionate about the work they do.


Restart Operations Manager: Collette

Senior Support Worker: Martin

Support Workers: Matt, Allan, Paige, Miranda

Assessment Officer: Deb



Property Services Manager: Pete

Maintenance: Colin, Mark

Domestic Support: Geri

Property Support: Chris



Restart Chaplain: Alex



Restart Admin: Dot



Restart: Kevin 

Here is what our staff feel about being part of the service that truly transforms lives.

“The most exciting aspect of working at Restart is how often we break new ground. Sometimes there is no path to tread, so we tread one!”

“Restart is a realistic supported doorway that steers the vulnerability surrounding leaving prison into independence and living inclusively.”

“This service is a unique and very needed service within Stoke-on-Trent area. It is very rewarding when I have been instrumental in supporting someone to find stability in their life by way of housing and identifying other areas of their life that need support to aide them to gain and maintain stability.”

“I enjoying showing the Restarters that there are choices in life no matter what your background and that positive change is possible if only you give yourself a chance. “

“Unique tailor made service. I support clients to improve their quality of life and make positive changes.”

“Restart has given me the opportunity to use my life experiences and skills to help those who need guidance to take their life in the right direction.” 


You can make a direct referral for anybody who is homeless or at risk of homelessness by clicking here


From education and employability opportunities to Foodbanks and benefits advice, find local places, groups and services that can help you get back on your feet.


If you have a private property to rent in the Stoke-on-Trent area and would like guaranteed rent from a socially responsible tenant, get in touch.