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10 Days of Prayer – Day 5 – Joy (Ev Carter – Beacon House of Prayer)

By March 5, 2019Blog, News

Bible reading: Psalm 67v4-7

‘Let all the nations burst forth with praise, let everyone everywhere love and enjoy the Lord’ (v3 Passion translation)

Reflection: This reminded me of inspiring testimony I heard on a Christian radio station recently. A young lady had an operation to solve a problem in her womb, the operation went wrong and left her unable to walk. Before the operation she was running marathons, now she has to use a wheelchair. A tragic story! Yet, As I listened to this young lady telling her story I was amazed that she demonstrated so much love and joy in her life. When asked about this she described how, at this difficult time she found herself leaning closer to Jesus. He gave her strength for each day. She gained fresh understanding of The life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Every day she is overwhelmed by his love. The joy of knowing him makes her feel complete in a way that she had never experienced before. Her life was devastated by the operation, but she was transformed by the love of God! The evidence of God’s love and joy in her shines through and has opened up opportunities for her to share her faith with others (including the radio interview). Instead of being overwhelmed by her circumstances she is overwhelmed by God’s love.

May the power of God’s love in us shine through and open up opportunities for faithful witness today.

(Ev Carter – Beacon House of Prayer)

Give thanks to Father God for the blessing of His son Jesus as the source of joy in our lives.
Prayer points:
for our city to positively embrace its uniqueness and future potential;
for churches in our nation to share vibrant testimonies of God at work;
for the celebration of all that is good in, and our different identities in, Europe.

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