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October 2018

Mark’s Gospel – A dramatic Solo Performance

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Mark’s Gospel – A dramatic Solo Performance by Howard Jones. Directed by Frank McGregor.

Longton Central Hall   32b The Strand, Stoke-on-Trent ST3 2JH
7.30pm Wednesday October 31st, Thursday November 1st and Friday November 2nd
Tickets: Adults – £5    Concessions – £3 (OAP, Unemployed, Children and teens 18 and under)
To book tel: 07952 318685
For more info visit

Don’t miss this possibly once in a lifetime theatre experience of Mark’s Gospel – created in Cobridge and now touring the UK – but stopping off in Longton at the end of October.

Howard Jones, a Baptist Minister has spent the last two years learning Mark’s story by heart, firstly as a personal challenge but then wondering if he could turn his learning into a performance. He shared his idea with Frank McGregor,a Stoke-on-Trent based actor, artist and evangelist, who offered to direct the show.

Howard says, ‘Sadly, we have often taken this incredible story about a dynamic and amazing man and made it sound religious and boring. This is real shame, because so few get to really experience it as a story.’

The audience will experience Jesus in a way they might not expect. Howard comments, ‘I decided quite early on to give Jesus a ‘Northern’ accent. This wasn’t just a whim; Jesus was a working-class bloke from a small village in Galilee – “up north” in Israel – and I wanted to reflect that. For centuries church art and culture has tended to “poshify” Jesus, so I think it’s nice to hear him as an earthy, common man – that’s how his first followers would have heard him’.

Frank adds, ‘We took the text and started by thinking of it not as Holy Scripture but as a theatrical script waiting to be brought to life on stage. Howard has risen magnificently to the challenge of the solo performance, moving effortlessly between the many characters we meet along the way. We are convinced that as people watch, something of the awe which struck all who heard and met Jesus will be experienced by our audiences – and perhaps some will go away asking the same question many asked at the time – just who is this Jesus?’

In recent months the performance has been seen by hundreds of people young and old in Stoke-on-Trent, Stafford, Manchester, Birmingham and Taunton. Here are just some of the comments received from audience members:

“…Thank you for a truly exceptional and powerful performance. Unforgettable!…”

“…All I can say is that it was awesome…”

“…An amazing performance, God inspired. Thank you for all the hard work…”

“…Very interesting throughout the night from start to finish. Could sit through it again…”

“…Really brings the gospel alive. Glad I took the ‘risk’ to bring the kids – think it will fuel good discussions and encourage them to read their Bibles. Fantastic way to spend the evening. Looking forward to the next book!…”