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How does Saltbox's Christian outreach benefit the community in Stoke?

We believe that faith has a key role to play in the life of the community in Stoke. By bringing Christians together and encouraging them in the practise of their faith, and by providing a way for Christians to make civic connections, we have seen faith take a central role in the welfare of the city.

What would be the alternative for those we serve if we weren't here?

Saltbox provides a united voice for the Church in North Staffs and is a key organisation to provide faith with opportunities for civic engagement. Without this, there would be no collaborated influence for faith into civic life.

Why is there a need for the faith community in Stoke becoming involved in civic engagement?

The faith community in Stoke helps to deliver a good number of community projects, helping the needy, weak and vulnerable with a variety of support mechanisms and groups to improve their quality of life. Churches can be found at the heart of every town in the city, and people of faith make up a good proportion of each individual and collective community. It must be represented in civic life.

What successes have come from collaboration?

Over the years of relationship building and collaboration, we have seen faith leaders regularly invited to purposeful meetings with civic leaders to share progress and updates. Civic leaders have regularly been invited to the annual Civic Prayer Breakfast, and have developed strong bonds with faith leaders across the city, exploring opportunities for further collaborative working.

What valuable relationships have been forged?

Faith and civic leaders regularly meet for the City Faith Link Forum, sharing information and awareness; and the annual Civic Prayer Breakfast brings together key city leaders and council members alongside church leaders and congregation members to share in prayer, conversation and inspiration. The City Council also have sought to work alongside churches to deliver specific community projects to serve those in most need.


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