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The Christian Mission service of Saltbox aims to support, promote and advise local churches on projects and events that serve the local community. Practically, this happens in a number of ways. We strive to make lasting and intentional connections with local Council members and civic leaders so that faith is represented in city governance. We meet with local church leaders, and leaders of Christian organisations, to collate information about what community projects they run, the number of people they help and to keep up to date with any events that they are planning for the future.

Using this information we also seek to connect like-minded people together who would benefit from a mutual conversation. This can revolve around anything, for instance if two separate church leaders unbeknownst to each other express a desire to work to alleviate a particular issue, we will put them in contact with each other, believing that two is better than one.

We regularly bring Christians from across the area together for prayer, believing that when we pray, circumstances change. Historically we have played a key role in facilitating united prayer across North Staffordshire, and have seen many answers to prayer.

Our whole Christian Mission work can be summed up in saying that we encourage and support social action, unity, prayer and mission. Some of the good work we have been involved in have been: Stoke-on-Trent Foodbank; refugee and asylum seeker forums; the annual Civic Prayer Breakfast; Number 11 Project; Stoke Healthwatch; united prayer gatherings; and advice and support of many churches locally.


Within the boundaries of Stoke-on-Trent there are roughly 150 faith groups, consisting of two Sikh gurdwaras, approximately 17 Islamic mosques, madrasas and medinas, and around 131 Christian churches. Casting the net a bit wider, across North Staffordshire there are approximately 500 groups of various faiths that meet regularly in worship and prayer, with the majority percentage of these identifying as Christian.

Each of these faith groups connects with a range of people within their community, and represent a diversity of age, race and background, among other indices. While the boundaries that surround each town are strongly felt by those that live here, many of the issues remain the same, and the responses to those issues can be adopted by any faith group in any part of North Staffs. The Faith Action Audit showed that many faith groups are serving their local community in highly practical, focused and successful ways.

It is solely because of their faith that these groups want to positively impact their communities, and Saltbox works alongside them to champion faith across the area. Through connections with the North Staffs Forum of Faiths and the City Faith Link Forum, we build networks with leaders of all faiths as we specifically represent Christianity.


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