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Do you like a challenge?

Like meeting new people or having fun with old friends?

Want to support our work to bring friendship to older people in Stoke?

If so, why not try your hand at holding a fundraising event? It can be so much more than just shaking a tin, although we wouldn’t say no – just ask for a tin if that’s your thing!

Below you’ll find plenty of inspiration on ways you can help us raise funds to keep this vital work going for as many older people as possible.

  • Darts night: choose your darts name, walk-on music and design your t-shirt
  • Run a learning session: how to make handmade crafts, DIY and decorating tips to name a few
  • Battle of the Bands night; sell tickets, charge to enter
  • Swap shop: have a night in with friends and swap clothes, accessories, computer games, books etc. for a donation
  • Get sponsored to go internet free for a week: write a blog describing it day by day to let people know you’re not cheating and reiterate why you’re doing it
  • Bingo night: doesn’t have to be numbers, it can be whatever (or whoever) you fancy written on the cards like names of cocktails, classic cars or people. Generate free cards here:
  • Plant, flower or produce sale straight from your garden
  • Photography or craft competition, or even a bonny baby contest: charge to enter to win the trophy and the top spot!
  • Quiz night: general knowledge or even a themed quiz night with fancy dress such as Disney, music or Star Wars
  • Make & sell on a stall at a fair: sauces or spice mixes, hand-made cards, decorations, drawings. Ask friends and colleagues if anybody has a skill they can use on some makes
  • Murder Mystery dinner or house party
  • Run a sweepstake…about anything!


If you’d like to hold an event for lonely older people to get them out and about and feeling like their old self again, why not consider one of these? It doesn’t have to be a free event if you need to cover costs. If you’re raising funds for CareLink at the same time – so much the better!

  • Lunch club or afternoon tea
  • Chair exercise
  • Indoor sports or table top games
  • Arts and craft sessions
  • Book club or reading aloud sessions for those with impaired sight

Get some amazing ideas as well as tips on organising and publicising events for older people in the Older People’s Day Full of Life Event Guide PDF.


If you know someone over 65 who struggles with social exclusion, search our community directory map for events, groups and services that can help nearby.


There are many ways you can make a difference to older people who live near you, from volunteering to make phone calls to organising activities.


Help us help older people struggling with life’s challenges alone by donating to CareLink. Click to visit our donations page.