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P.R.I.S.M Awards Ceremony – April 2019

By April 17, 2019April 25th, 2019Blog, News

Earlier this month we attended Restart’s P.R.I.S.M awards ceremony and caught up with Client Development Officer, Steve McDonald, who told us what it was all about.

What is P.R.I.S.M and how long has it been going for?
P.R.I.S.M is a 12-week motivational programme designed to address behaviours, bad choices and habits. It’s based on the concept of transparency & honesty, and how that by being so will help a person access the proper help and support they may need with their issues. The programme has been going for approximately two years now and was initially used in the drug service to address substance misuse issues. Since February 2019 Restart has seen two groups successfully graduate the full course and a further two groups are currently in progress. We also have a new group due to start on the 25th.

What’s happening at today’s ceremony?
The ceremony is a chance to celebrate all who complete the course. They receive their certificates and P.R.I.S.M keyrings. Some will have family members attending to witness the presentation.

What are your long term aspirations for P.R.I.S.M? / What’s happening next?
P.R.I.S.M hopefully will roll out and be offered not only to all those who reside in a Restart property wishing to find motivation but also within our local communities. Long term it is a way of people connecting and making positive steps to change. Watch this space!


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