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10 Days of Prayer – Day 10 – Life (Paul Critchley – Presence Worship)

By March 10, 2019Blog, News

Bible reading: John 10v10

‘The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.’

Reflection: In a world where there is so much pressure of advertising and social media to have a seemingly perfect life, many families and individuals find themselves caught in a bid to attain the latest and best in pursuit of happiness. These things are of course so transient but have become so high in our society’s priorities for what life should look like for us. The stark reality is that when the hope of attaining or holding onto these things disappears it can seem like all that was reached for, even deserve, is snatched away.

In John 10v10 we are reminded that, whilst our enemy the devil is looking for ways to take from us in any way he can, Jesus is offering to all a fulfilled life both here and eternally based on His capacity to fill us with His goodness, His love, His strength and His assurance. All things that will not pass away and have the capacity to fully satisfy.

Surrounding this hope there are those who would seek to monopolise on, even draw into a wrong dependency people who are looking for an escape from their daily trials and have been blinded to the possibility of a new and redeemed life.

As we consider the goodness and freedom that Jesus has freely offered to those who will call on Him and trust Him today, we turn to prayer and welcome the harvest of life in abundance from the One who is able to breathe His life into every heart that is opened.

(Paul Critchley – Presence Worship)

Give thanks that God has a unique destiny and loving plan for every person.

Prayer points:
For a breaking of the cycle of poverty in local families and communities;
For people in the UK to once again look to Jesus as the good shepherd for our guidance and blessing through and beyond Brexit;
For good to conquer evil in our continent where radical groups, gangs and people trafficking rings threaten communities.

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